Buyer's Journey

Buying Journey

In the dynamic real estate landscape of Singapore, where market developments are rapid and new launches abound, the average buyer engages in property transactions infrequently, typically every 5-10 years. The prospect of entering this competitive market, especially for high-value properties, can be formidable for inexperienced buyers.

Enter Home Swee Home.

Leveraging our extensive experience in brokering numerous deals across all market segments, encompassing both resale and new launch markets, we stand prepared to navigate this complex terrain on behalf of our clients. Our expertise positions us to provide invaluable advisory services and practical know-how, ensuring that our clients secure the best value product tailored to their specific needs.

3 Matrix Approach


Whether your objective is investment or personal residence, whether it’s a landed property or condominium, a commercial shophouse or a residential HDB, the critical factor is to secure an asset with enduring value and strong capital appreciation potential. This ensures optimal returns on your hard-earned investment.

Our approach involves a meticulous 3 MATRIX analysis. This entails considering key factors such as selecting a unit with robust macro and micro qualities, entering at an opportune price point, and formulating a viable exit strategy. This method is designed to safeguard and enhance the maximized potential of your financial investment.


Quality is everything! A property is a physical hard asset meant to be seen, felt and lived in and thus nothing is more imperative than the quality of the development itself. We will analyse quality from a top down perspective from its various macro factors right down to the unit itself. This may include

MACRO LOCATION – Every development, regardless of resale of new launch is analysed from a top down approach. The location is first analysed to ensure it has the right mix of strengths. 

DEVELOPMENT QUALITY – It is not enough to have strong macro characteristics. We will also check that the project is not known to be of poor quality, dubious workmanship or built by a non-reputable developer.

UNIT LAYOUT ANALYSIS – Condos often have many different layouts and views for each single development and some are strategically superior to others. We will also give advise on possible modifications to certain units to maximise space and functionality.

With respect to the above criteria, we give you a balanced viewpoint on the strengths and weaknesses of the particular unit at hand in order for you, the buyer, to make a strategic and balanced choice.

2• Pricing Metrics

Price price price! Its all about the price isn’t it? Over at Home Swee Home, we prefer to look at price as a relative concept. Price is always relative vis-à-vis to the surrounding market comparables. We will take into consideration asking psf vs caveats vs market conditions. We also have the tools and data to check on historical pricing as well as profits and losses of the development. 

3• Exit Strategy

Perhaps the most important and often overlooked by especially investor buyers. It is not enough to just look at the tenancy demand and not consider an exit strategy as strong tenancy demand often does not equate to a similar resale demand when you want to dispose of the property, leading often to investors owning a unit that rents well, but has low or even negative capital gains. Resale demand is driven by the own-stay market in Singapore and thus the right product type and size must also be considered at the onset.

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