Seller's Journey

Selling Journey

If you’re thinking of selling your home, regardless of whether you are in need of selling fast, or just beginning the conversation, we will help position your home to attract the right buyer to achieve your goals. Given the varied considerations to consider when selling. It is key to connect with real estate professionals that have the industry knowhow and experience to do what it takes to sell your home. While the idea of selling may sound overwhelming to you and your family, it doesn’t have to be!


In order to market your home effectively, we will prepare all marketing collateral. This includes photography, videos, staging and even suggestions for repairs and minor renovations. To drive sales, we believe that the best photos have to be taken and placed on the appropriate platforms to attract the right audience. We will also do market analysis on pricing trends, competitors, and demand and supply in order to guide your pricing strategy.


Swee! homes attract buyers. Our emphasis would always be to have the unit looking its absolute best to draw the most audience, which leads to faster closing due to higher number of enquiries. With your home prepared to our best abilities, we would then proceed with the following.


Quality wide-angle photos. Why do we feel that images are so important? Because this is the first thing any potential buyer sees. Well taken photos will invoke desire, dreams and give the viewer an idea of future possibilities. This is what attracts and lures in the views.  Our photos are all taken with wide angle lenses on DSLR and will undergo further post production to ensure the highest quality before publishing. 

VIDEOS & 3D Tours

We will also prepare short, concise video trailers to showcase the unit and its key design features, These videos will be published on your property’s  listing page, advertised on Facebook and shared with our extensive network of cobroke agents.

3D walkthroughs can also be done via specialised vendors to allow viewers to do a virtual tour before making their viewing appointments. This is especially crucial for larger homes or those with unique layouts.

Sales Strategy

the act of selling something : the exchange of goods, services, or property for money.

As your property consultants, we will advise on the best price to list your home. This is not a figure that is plucked out of thin air. In fact, this is one of the key decisions to be made to ensure that you get the highest achievable price. Various sources will be used to come to the recommended amount. Eg. Historical prices, valuation, supply and demand, competition etc. 

With these in place, we will proceed to listing your property on up to 3 of the most popular portals, being Propertyguru, SRX and 99.co Listing alone is usually not sufficient to get the maximum exposure and eyeballs, so we will also commit to paid upgrades (Reposting,Boost, Turbo and Spotlight) regularly and at strategic times to stay ahead of the competition. 

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