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HomeSweeHome, a collaboration between Terrance Wong and Matthew Chow, seasoned professionals from Propnex, brings forth a wealth of experience surpassing 14 years. Our successful facilitation of property transactions, totaling nearly $350 million, spans over 250 sales transactions in residential, commercial, and industrial properties across Singapore. As homeowners and investors, we understand the challenges of today's competitive real estate landscape. In this environment, mere salesmanship falls short of the comprehensive representation required. Essential is a skill set that includes a profound understanding of marketing, legislative nuances, sales strategies, negotiation tactics, data analysis, and keen market competition awareness. Our unique value proposition lies in combining these skills to meticulously present, strategically market, and successfully sell each property unit.
Central to our approach is an unwavering commitment to the duty of care extended to our clients.


Yeo Xiaoxuan is a corporate banker turn realtor and has been licensed since 2018. She joined the profession full-time in 2022, under the tutelage of her husband Terrance Wong. 

Xiaoxuan focusses on the rental market serving both landlords and tenants across residential and commercial segments of the real estate market. She provides “cradle-to-grave” service – For landlords, this includes fit-out, furnishing, rental, post-rental management. For tenants, this includes finding the right unit as well as pre-move in coordination. 

Xiaoxuan is a strong believer in utilizing Singapore real estate as a form of retirement planning and has first-hand experience of how real estate investment can help one continue to save for retirement even during career breaks. 

Xiaoxuan graduated from National University of Singapore and is a mother of two. 


Terrance Wong is a dedicated top real estate professional with a strong closing record. He has transacted almost $400m worth of properties in over a hundred transactions over the last 12 years. In both 2023 and 2024, he achieved the prestigious Propnex Millionaire status consecutively.

He is well versed in all forms of transactions, and believes in the motto of providing services that match the needs of the Client. If he doesn’t understand it, he will research it methodically step by step to enable a smooth, efficient, and maximized benefit transaction to the client!

He has deep transactional experience in condo, landed, HDB and also less transacted forms such as commercial and industrial. Terrance strongly believes that in today’s competitive world, a strong set of skill sets are necessary in order for a unit to be presented, marketed and sold successfully.

Additionally, Terrance is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of real estate agents for success in the industry. Currently leading and spearheading the Terrance Wong Division (TWD) within PROPNEX, Singapore’s premier and largest real estate agency, he guides a team comprising both new and seasoned agents. In their two year of operations, TWD has achieved impressive results, boasting an average income in the six digits per headcount. The division has also garnered close to 10 platinum awards, solidifying its standing as an industry leader.

His expertise spans diverse facets of real estate transactions, and he staunchly adheres to the principle of tailoring services to precisely meet the unique needs of each client. Terrance’s commitment to understanding every aspect of a transaction is unwavering. In instances where clarity is lacking, he employs a meticulous, step-by-step research approach, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and maximally beneficial transaction for the client.

Terrance possesses extensive experience in a variety of property types, including condominiums, landed properties, HDB units, as well as less commonly transacted commercial and industrial properties. In today’s fiercely competitive real estate landscape, Terrance advocates for a robust skill set as imperative for the successful presentation, marketing, and sale of a property unit.


Matthew, an alumnus of the National University of Singapore’s Building and Real Estate faculty, embarked on a distinctive journey before entering the real estate sector. Despite joining the industry as recently as January 2020, he has made remarkable strides in a challenging landscape shaped by the demanding circumstances of the COVID-19 era.

Throughout these few years, Matthew has proven his mettle by assisting numerous clients in fulfilling their diverse property needs, whether in the residential or commercial domain, encompassing transactions of buying, selling, or renting. Despite the intricacies presented by the pandemic, he has garnered multiple accolades in his relatively short yet impactful journey, successfully navigating the sales and purchases of properties ranging from HDB flats to freehold bungalows.

Prior to his venture into real estate, Matthew’s professional background includes roles as an educator, business owner, and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a logistics firm. His extensive experience places him at the forefront of strategic planning, sales and marketing initiatives, customer service, communications, presentations, and negotiations. Leveraging this diverse skill set, Matthew now leads the team, overseeing crucial aspects such as training, implementation of technology solutions, enhancing web presence, driving social media marketing efforts, and ensuring quality assurance. His multifaceted expertise and commitment contribute significantly to the team’s success and efficacy in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Our Values

We are both homeowners as well as investors, so we know that in today’s competitive environment, you need more than just a salesman to represent you. Rather, there is a need for a complete set of skills for a unit to be properly presented, marketed and sold successfully. And this is where we come in with our know-how in marketing, legislature, sales, negotiation, analysis (data and competitive). And above all, duty of care towards our clients.

Our Specialisation

Each home possesses its own distinct character, and our commitment is unwavering—we do not discriminate. Every client we represent receives the full extent of our abilities, time, and effort. Our transactional portfolio spans the spectrum, from HDB 3-room flats to multi-million dollar bungalows and everything in between. Our guiding belief is that, with the right attitude and approach, every house can be effectively marketed and sold.

To achieve this, we deploy a versatile set of strategies and methodologies, including:

1) Quality photos. No hastily taken hand phone pics for us. Like tinder, we strive that our listing will be “swiped right”. Nothing but the best images possible.
2) Short and succinct videos. 
3) Staging & decluttering
4) 3D walkthroughs
5) Data-driven analysis

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